About Us

Service Animals is a product brought to you by the team at SignalCX

For many years, SignalCX was known as TMI UK. Founded in 1975 in Denmark, TMI was a pioneer in understanding and promoting the importance of customer experience – and the vital role which culture and performance play in delivering service excellence.  Since then, we have been helping some of the world’s biggest brands realise that they face ‘Moments of Truth‘ daily and are being assessed and judged whenever they interact with their customers.

There are lots of reasons why the clients we work with think we are great business partners. But at the end of the day, it comes down to this: we’re good people, who know our stuff, we’re fun to engage with and we will work our little cotton socks off to develop great customer experiences for you – experiences that will genuinely make a difference to your bottom line.

Service Animals™ has been developed and refined by SignalCX for the past 30 years, and has been used by almost a million people around the world.  Its roots lie in the psychological theories of Carl Justav Jung, but this model has been honed through years of work with psychologists, clients and our own team members.  Service Animals is the only tool that focuses on how we all use our individual communication styles to form the service experience we deliver to customers and colleagues.