The nearly effortless way to
unleash potential

Service Animals™ combines rigorous science with over 30 years of hands-on experience. All delivered through our innovative digital platform – which maximises the impact and minimises the expense.

Quite simply, Service Animals is all about helping individuals and teams understand their own service communication style. They’ll learn to recognise other styles, how to adapt their own communication and build greater rapport with customers and colleagues.

The model is based on the theories of Carl Jung, the eminent Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, recognised as the founding father of analytical psychology.

We’ve spent over 30 years re-assessing and refining the platform to bring it to you in its best and most effective form.  We’ve developed Service Animals’ proprietary algorithm over the years, incorporating insights from behavioural psychologists, client data and practical experience. Importantly, Service Animals is based on observable behaviours, which makes it incredibly easy to understand and implement across diverse organisations and cultures.

How it benefits you and and your organisation

Better service means better business

The key to Service Animals is the way it helps you understand your own natural service style, and how to recognise the natural styles of others.  This practical information will help you build better rapport and strengthen relationships with all of your customers and colleagues.

Do you hoot? Growl? Click-click? Or wave your feathers?

Service Animals is based on some of our favourite members of the animal kingdom.  And by using these animal archetypes, we’ve made Service Animals incredibly memorable and ‘sticky’ for you and your teams. The universal nature of animals also means it works everywhere in the world.

Animal animation

Service Animals has developed an innovative, personalised, online learning experience. Which means that training and understanding is consistent across teams. And importantly, it’s fun and engaging too.

Wherever you are, it works

Whether your teams are in the field, working at multiple sites, all in one office or based at home, Service Animals can work for you as it can be an entirely digital experience.  Being online, it’s fast for participants, quick to deliver results and, above all, cost-effective.

Tailor-made for you

We can bespoke the experience for your organisation, ensuring the video reflects the environment, cultures and brands your teams are used to, making it even more relevant and engaging.

Expert animal handlers available

Although you don’t need to, you can also leverage the support of the world class team at SignalCX.  Be it a bespoke Team Report, training the trainer or running in-company workshops, the team can support you if you need it.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what people say:

“Love it, thank you! You have done an amazing job. At some point it seemed scary-accurate.”

“Service Animals is both an engaging and fun means of helping our people realise that everyone is different, and that through having different people with diverse inputs then much greater things can be achieved.”

“I’ve found using the animals types to give feedback to someone really useful, as you can say it without it feeling too personal. So I have said to someone recently “oh, that was a bit panthery,” which hit the spot without it feeling like formal feedback.”