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Hints, tips and thoughts on how to develop emotional intelligence in your teams to deliver better business results.

Fantastic! I have another meeting…

…. said no one. Ever. Meetings, meetings, meetings… does it sometimes feel like all you ever do at work is spend your time in meetings?! If you do, then it would be no surprise if this is a major cause […]

Change is challenging… form small habits instead.

As the last few years have shown us, we’re actually pretty good at adapting to changing conditions around us ?. What we’re less good at is changing ourselves, particularly the deeply ingrained behaviours that we often display at work. But […]

Please. Stop. Talking. Now. ?

Great service means great listening. We know that great service goes hand in hand with great listening. But how many of us do this in practice? In fact, ‘the gift of the gab’ is often seen as a positive trait […]

Those who shout the loudest…?

Which of these customers is complaining about a recent experience? Actually, they all are. People react to situations in different ways. Just because someone isn’t shouting and screaming doesn’t mean that they’re not incredibly unhappy about something. Which can make […]

The many personalities of service

Close your eyes and imagine someone who is absolutely amazing at delivering great service. What do you see? What would that person act, sound and look like? What is it about them that means they are amazing? If you’re asking […]

Falling truly, madly, deeply in…. rapport? ?

A key foundation for delivering service is to create rapport with customers. Building rapport is about establishing relationships (however short) that are built on empathy, understanding and good communication. In everyday language, we are likely to say, ‘we’re on the […]

Is your team Wired for Connection?

Why great service is built on small moments of connection. “Human beings are wired to connect” according to Michael Platt Ph.D, a biological anthropologist. He was referring to our social brain, which he called the most complex and intelligent of […]

? Knowing me, knowing you. ?

Why EQ is at the heart of great relationship-building. ABBA classic or ABBA cheese depending on your musical taste, but these four words sum up the skill of relationship-building.  A skill that is increasingly being viewed as a critical capability […]

Better together, yet better apart.

What managers and teams need to do to get the best out of the hybrid world. Hybrid working looks like it’s here to stay. True, it’s not new, but the pace has accelerated in response to the pandemic, when overnight […]